Google Search Console (Shopify Set-Up)

After you are done setting up Enhanced E-commerce in your Google Analytics, its time to take advantage of another free tool offered by Google: Google Search Console.

PS: If you haven't set-up Enhanced E-commerce in Google Analytics, check it out here.


Step 1: Create GSC Account

Head over to the GSC portal. (Use your Google Analytics email so that it will be easier to manage your logins)

screenshot 2019 12 20 at 5 08 10 pm

screenshot 2019 12 20 at 5 09 35 pm

Step 2: Create GSC Property (Domain)

Key in your domain (on the right) and click continue.

screenshot 2019 12 20 at 5 10 46 pm

You should see this screen

Step 3: Shopify Portal, TXT File

Head back to your Shopify Portal. Go under Online Store > Domains.

Select "Manage"

shopify domain

Select "DNS Settings"

shopify domain manage

Add a Custom Record > TXT Record

dns settings

Enter "@" as the Name. Head back to the Google Search Console to get the TXT Record and paste it in.

txt settings

Step 4: Wait

It will take a few hours to verify. Grab a coffee or Read more post :)

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